👉For Talent Acquisition Teams and Staffing Businesses

Conversational Maturity Audit


Thinking about chatbots and conversational AI? Bot Jobs Services helps you to develop a long-term strategy. We'll assess the current state of your recruitment operations and processes and provide strategic support on where (and when) conversational automation can be implemented. Together we create an actionable plan for the future.


It all starts with creating a bot persona and style that fits your brand and resonates with your candidates (and hiring managers/clients).

From there, we use tried and tested conversational-led design to ensure an effective route to a natural user experience.

Designing conversations is harder than you think. Unfortunately, most don't realise that. As another interface into your business and brand, you want to make sure that it's done properly. As an example, you wouldn't ask a recruiter to design and build your new website, so why expect them to design your chatbot? Good conversation design is the difference between a successful chatbot project and a failure.


Which channel would your candidates communicate on and through which medium (e.g. do they use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. and is it voice, or chat, or video or a mixture of all)? That's where we start here.

And from there we get to decide whether to buy or build and, if buying, then who should you be looking at as a technology supplier.

Through our deep and wide-ranging partnerships and relationships with Conversational AI vendors (in and out of the recruitment technology circles) we can help you make the best vendor selection available in the market.

Once selected, we can help manage the build/implementation project and get you ready to launch.


They say a chatbot is never a finished project. We don't know who 'they' are, but this is correct. It's only after a chatbot is launched that you can really test it and with that comes a regime of post-launch reviews and maintenance.

We can help with that - being your maintenance partner so that your team can get on with their jobs, while you leave it to us to ensure your chatbot is a success.

Training and Seminars

Online or in-person, we can deliver seminars and training on:

We can help you develop a team that, not only understands the what, why, where, and how of chatbots and conversational AI, but the ability to design and manage your chatbots and conversational solutions.

👉For Recruitment Technology Vendors

Consulting for Your Clients

After speaking with dozens of recruitment chatbot and conversational AI technology vendors, their challenges are clear. Most lack the internal capability to consult with their clients on how to create a successful conversational experience and, therefore, help their clients get the most out of the technology. Bot Jobs can do this for you, without you having to lift a finger.

Working with us will enable you to:

Consulting for Your Business

Are you struggling to understand where the next frontier of conversational technologies is or want to look into the future and create a roadmap - maybe create a solution that nobody else in the market is offering? Or just maybe you want to find out what the realms of possibility are when it comes to conversational technologies.

We will help you think differently about what is possible with conversational technologies, the challenges, and the problems that can be solved. And where (and when) your roadmap needs to take these into consideration.