Conversational VoiceBot Developer

AppXcelerate Solutions

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India




Nov 16

Conversation VoiceBot Developer required with following skills:

Conversational Bot Development:

Experience in developing conversational voice and chatbots using AWS Lex, Google Dialogflow, or similar bot frameworks.

Proficiency in creating dialogue flow charts, writing dialogues, and defining user utterances to ensure correct bot functioning.

Understanding user behavior and intent to design effective conversational flows.

Programming Languages:

Proficient in JavaScript and Node.js for bot development.

Familiarity with Python and Ruby, as well as other relevant programming languages.

Cloud Services:

Experience with AWS services like Lambda, API Gateway, MongoDB, and S3 for backend integration and data storage.

Knowledge of Terraform for infrastructure provisioning or converting code from CloudFormation.

Genesys cloud integration knowledge is a plus.

Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills:

Strong problem-solving abilities to troubleshoot and resolve issues in conversational bot development.

Analytical skills to understand user needs and optimize bot interactions.

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